Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sunny Days!!

It has been a long time since my last post. I’m not really a rigorous type people & I tend to neglect some parts of my life which are not important or useful. During the first part of the year, I had a lot of work & stress because of university. I finished the first cycle & I’m going to start the second & last one called Master.  

I got the urge to write a new post on my blog a week ago. The spring & the most part of July were rainy & cloudy. The temperature was as cold as autumn‘s one.  However, the sun didn’t forget the little Belgians. After this bad weather we got nice sunny days. The sky was so blue & the sun so hot that I spent all of my time outside with a book. 

The Blue Sky

My favourite clothes when the sun shines on the beautiful blue sky & the temperature is hot are my denim mini-short, my sunglasses & my flower hat. 

 Favourite summer clothes

I was happy that it was so hot while the cat searched for some shadow place to get colder. Because of its fur, it was too warm. 

 My old Cat. 

Now, the sun play hide & seek with the clouds. At least, it's not cold. Hope Augustus'll be more sunny. We need vitamin D. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that Happiness & Heatlh'll be here for everyone.

2011 is totally gone. Personnally I totally happy for the new year. 2011 wasn't really good for me. I can count the happy days on my hand. It's like all the joy was concentrated in one day: the meeting with Ayu.

I know that I didn't write a lot in 2011. I decided to change the style of my blog. I noticed that a lot of music articles were similar. I used the same words & expressions. I'm sure it's quite boring for you. So, I'll vary the subjets & talk about a lot of stuff that's happen in my life.

I'll try to achieve my 2012 resolution:

♥to save up my money. Lately, I bought a lot of things & spend a lot of money (especially mangas).
♥ Try to have my driving licence.
♥ manage my sleep.

Which resolutions do you take this year?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

MERRY XMAS everybody!

I hope everyone have a nice Xmas eve yesterday! This year, we don't have a white xmas. It's like the sky give every snowflakes last year.

I'll post a pic of the present I received later. My sister offered me a manga & my parents boots. I need to buy the boot again. Indeed, If someone want to offer me clothes or shoes, I prefer to try it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

mihimaru GT Evo★Revolution

EvoRevolution is the 26th single of mihimaru GT. It’s the second masterpiece of this 2011 year. The covers are nice. You can see HIROKO & Miyake above what it looks as toys. I really like the combination of coloured things & space background.

01. EvoRevolution is the first track of this nice single. It’s a pop song where you can hear some Jazzy sounds play by trumpet. The chorus is really catchy! This song is really amazing! The pv is stunning. You get in a traditional Japanese house full. Princess HIROKO wears beautiful outfits: one in a Japanese style, the other in a rockfish style. I won’t tell the story. Just watch it if you want to know!

02. Ai no hikari is the b-side. It’s a ballad. Personally, I think it’s a nice ballad but it’s really not original. But, as it’s a b-side, I don’t really mind!


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